Crude whitening Boost

Whiten your patient's teeth with our Crude Whitening Boost 44% Carbamide Peroxide gels. With the boost, you should expect at least a 7 shade difference in the result. We have included Potassium Nitrate into our formula to help reduce pain or sensitivity, leaving you with a happy and satisfied patient.

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  • Reduced chair time with our 58-minute treatment

  • Instant results guaranteed

  • Potassium Nitrate is included in the formula to minimize pain and sensitivity

  • Crude Whitening Cool blue light applied to activate and accelerate the whitening agents, resulting in faster results.

  • Results will last 4-26 weeks (depending on the consumption of tobacco, wine, colored foods, etc)

  • Natural whitening ingredients

Crude whitening BOOST Results

Move the slider left and right to see the results from one 58 in-office treatment



How to use

Before you begin make sure:

  • You have the entire Crude Whitening in-office kit

  • Crude Whitening LED tray is fully charged

  • Desensitizing pen on hand

  • Jaw retractor on hand

  • Gingival barrier on hand

  • Cotton swabs

  • Prophy angle

  • Brush

  • Saliva ejector

  • Safety glasses

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Get started with Crude Whitening Today

Begin a new and exciting whitening journey today. Our in-office treatments are hassle-free, time-efficient, hygienist recommended, and patient preferred. All the things that will help you fall in love with doing an in-office treatment!