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About us

Crude Whitening is a leading teeth whitening company in the dental industry. We make all of our products with natural ingredients. Our company is based out of Denver, Colorado, where we design all of our products. We are one of the first companies that have come up with a formula that is 100% natural, which is one of the main reasons you will not endure pain or sensitivity with our products.

You may have experienced multiple different common side effects during your whitening treatment before. The side effects we all are very familiar with: are pain, sensitivity, one tooth being whiter than the other, or simply not seeing results.


We have done years of research and testing on multiple different products, formulas, and systems, with the main focus on eliminating all the common side effects that people have with whitening. Our mission has always been to improve the experience patients and users go through during a whitening treatment.


Our at-home whitening system gives users the ability to whiten at the comfort of their home without pain or sensitivity. In just 16-minutes per day or night, for 9 days straight, you will see a huge improvement in the shade of your teeth. The combination of our natural whitening gel and our universal LED mouth tray with blue lights, will remove years of deep stains that have built upon the surface of your teeth. We guarantee to improve your experience with whitening like never before!



Natural ingredients: Carbamide Peroxide (35%), Hydrogen Peroxide (11.6%), Mentha Piperita (1.5%), Potassium Nitrate (5%), Glycerol, Cellulose Gum, Water, Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide.

All of the ingredients are 100% natural whitening agents that are used to whiten your teeth. Peroxide is a strong natural chemical that will remove years of stains that are built upon the surface of your teeth. Potassium Nitrate is another natural ingredient that is known to be used to decrease tooth sensitivity or pain. That is it, that is our 1-2 punch to our "secret" formula!