How Does The Kit Work?


Whether you have already spent thousands of dollars on whitening products or you have never tried teeth whitening products before, you are a little skeptical when it comes to whitening your teeth. Some of the things you probably have fear of include:

  • Messy products 

  • Pain or sensitivity 

  • Not getting the actual results you are looking for

  • Products that are very uncomfortable during the treatments.

Our Crude Whitening Whitening Kit is designed to improve your experience with whitening your teeth at home. We have spent over $100,000 on the research and testing of different products and formulas. We have come up with a product that can whiten your teeth with no pain or sensitivity throughout the entire process. Some of the main reasons we believe that helps us avoid that side effect is Potassium Nitrate and the length of the whitening treatment we recommend. We include 5% of Potassium Nitrate into our whitening formula. PN is a natural ingredient used to treat pain or sensitivity. In addition, our whitening process requires 16-minutes per day for 9 days. The reason for this is we want your teeth to slowly get used to the concentration levels of the whitening agents, giving you amazing results with no pain or sensitivity. Lastly, according to the ADA, whitening agents lose their effectiveness after just 16 minutes, so there is no reason for you to whiten with the same gel for longer than 16-minutes per treatment. Let's get to how the light works.

How does blue LED light whiten teeth? 

Crude Whitening Whitening Kit comes with LED lights that are attached to our universal mouth tray. Our mouth tray can fit 90-95% of the human mouth comfortably without having to do any molding or impressions. The mouthpiece is wireless, waterproof, and has a self-timer that will shut off on its own after a 16-minute treatment. This universal mouth tray comes with dual LED light technology with a blue light mode and a red light mode. 

Let's start with the blue light mode. If you are doing an at-home procedure, you will apply a whitening gel containing either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide (both natural whitening agents.) Then you will insert the whitening tray and turn on the blue light mode. The blue LED lights will activate the peroxide whitening gel, and speed up the process by 1.8 times. What this means is it will break down the chemicals on your teeth and accelerate the process of whitening, by creating a chemical reaction that will penetrate the enamel, and lifting deep existing stains. The blue LED light is not harmful or does not burn the enamel.

How does the red LED light mode work?

Now let's talk about how the red light therapy works. Red light therapy causes some parts of the tooth and gums to regenerate while eliminating negative bacteria. Low-level red light from our universal mouth tray will release a certain amount of wavelength to increase circulation of the blood flow and repair damaged tissues. Many people today experience receding gums, which most of the time exposes nerves that are at risk of being damaged or being more sensitive to cold liquids or foods. It is starting to become very common to treat receding and inflammatory gums with red light therapy.

Some of the key benefits of red light therapy are:

  • Reduced pain and sensitivity

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Eliminates bad bacteria

  • Prevents receding gums

  • Increases gum blood circulation 

  • Helps eliminate long-term odor

Why Crude Whitening?

Our mission and focus from the beginning have always been to help improve the experience for patients and dental professionals. We have spent countless hours and funds on researching and testing products that would bring a new and improved way for whitening. The focus has always been to save dental professionals their chair time, and allow them to offer their patients a take-home or in-office whitening product that will show great results with minimum level side effects! Our system is easy to use and could be done at the comfort of your patient's home. Nothing better than a product that is FDA approved, and is made with natural ingredients only. 

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