Crude whitening Teeth Whitening Kit

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2 Steps. 9 TREATMENTS. 6 Shades whiter

Our Take-Home Whitening Kit is specifically designed to allow patients to complete their teeth whitening process at home, reducing chair time and the hassle of several appointments. The take-home process consists of 9 consecutive treatments, for just 16 minutes each. Included in the kit are three 35% CP gel syringes, our universal LED tray, and a charger.


The universal LED mouth tray is designed to fit 90-95% of the human mouth, reducing the need for custom trays and chair time. We guarantee up to 4 years of use per mouth tray before replacement is recommended.

The syringes consist of 35% CP and Potassium Nitrate, a natural ingredient used to help reduce tooth pain or sensitivity.

Our patented system will help your patients experience a new and improved treatment from the comfort of their homes. With our 32 blue and red LED lights, your patients will experience a faster whitening result with reduced pain or sensitivity. No more strips, messy treatments, or uncomfortable trays. This is a system that will benefit the entire dental staff, and more importantly, your patients.

The biggest fear most patients have with whitening treatments is pain and sensitivity. We have spent countless hours researching and creating our whitening formula that will give your patients noticeable results with as little pain or sensitivity as possible. With our new formula, we have increased the Potassium Nitrate ingredient to counteract the peroxide, leading to less pain and sensitivity.


You can finally offer your patients products that guarantee results, are efficient, and most importantly free of pain or sensitivity.

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Use a slider for before and after results!

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Patients Benefits

  • Noticeable Results After 3 Treatment

  • Natural Ingredients

  • No Sensitivity or Pain

  • Safe For Enamel

  • Helps Remove Plaque

  • Universal Mouthpiece

  • Easy and Comfortable

  • Professional Results at Home

  • No hassle with booking multiple appointments for a custom tray

Dentists Benefits
  • Over an hour of saved chairtime

  • No more custom trays

  • No pain or sensitivity

  • No lab fees

  • Almost no hassle with patients

  • Satisfied patient

  • Increased revenue

How to use:

Step 1: Give your mouth a good brush for 2 minutes
Step 2: Take out the mouthpiece and make sure it is dry
Step 3: Take out one of the syringes. Apply .5mL on top of the mouthpiece and .5mL on the bottom. Apply on the wall of the tray right where your teeth will be
Step 4: Insert the mouthpiece, turn the power button for blue light, and whiten for 16 minutes (built-in self-timer)
Step 5: Once you hear a beep, you can take it off and rinse your mouth with water. Leave the tray out so it can dry
Repeat the treatment for 9 consecutive days for maximum results! If you start feeling pain or sensitivity make sure to give yourself 1-2 days of break. Always remember to start slow, this means if you feel sensitivity with your first try, apply less gel and gradually increase with every use.